Building relationships in the upper funnel

Using promotional emails to deepen customer relationships in the 'upper funnel'

With its upper funnel location and high-frequency, promotional email represents an enormous opportunity to deepen relationships with each customer. Unfortunately, the vast majority of today's promotional email experiences are largely the same - discount driven, and often repetitive. This poses problems for a frequent-touch channel like promotional email and undermines a retailer's relationship with its customers. 

It takes a lot of content planning, design work, granular segmentation, and coordination between groups both internal and external to update and refresh promotional email experiences. These hurdles have made personalization of content in promotional emails time intensive and costly.

In order to provide a fresh, relevant and engaging customer experience, certain issues must be addressed:

However, the execution of these steps requires an enormous amount of content. The best source of content is your product catalog, but catalog data needs to be extracted and properly formatted for email. The Jetlore solution transforms your product catalog data into content and makes it available for fast delivery into email experiences.

By overcoming challenges in these areas, retailers can provide an exceptional customer experience and will be rewarded with a large upside.

 In 2015, global leaders like eBay, One King's Lane, and Paypal seized the opportunity to address promotional email and realized benefits including:

  • Revenue lift per opened email ranging from 15% to 80%. (Multiplied across promotional emails this can lead to enterprise revenue gains of up to 10%).
  • Rising customer engagement while having a high frequency of email.
  • Dramatic increases in activation of low purchase frequency customers. 

See how global leaders are using Jetlore to build stronger customer relationships with promotional email:
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