Cross-border trade and customer marketing

The unique challenges of customer engagement

Cross-border trade is one of the fastest growing opportunities in global e-commerce. Several factors have converged to drive growth including improved Internet access in many countries, growing trust in e-commerce, logistics capabilities, and the ability to clear customs efficiently. The net effect is a surge is cross-border purchases. 

While acquiring cross-border customers is a great start, how can e-commerce companies transform buyers into high lifetime value customers? It's crucial to keep them engaged with fresh and personalized offers. However, there are details that must be addressed in order to succeed. Specifically, how do you:

  • Keep customers in different countries engaged and how do you discover and target their preferences?
  • Handle different currencies for each product in inventory and present currencies in the proper format for each recipient?
  • Implement business rules about which products can be shipped to each country? Typically, not all products can be shipped to all countries.
  • Ensure the recipient's proper language is used in product descriptions?  

The complexity of these issues grows substantially with each country that you enter and merchants often make their products available in anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred countries.  Additionally, merchant inventory is dynamic and all of this information needs constant updating as items are depleted and offers expire. 

Jetlore has solved these issues for leading cross-border merchants and our technology helps reach cross-border customers and keep them engaged.  To learn more about how to effectively market to cross-border buyers, contact us and get a demo.

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